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Experience The Beans

Imagine the finest high-grown Arabica coffee beans from around the globe whose travels land them in the heart of Iowa. These coffees have been conscientiously cultivated, painstakingly harvested, and meticulously processed. Their multi-colored burlap bags reveal their origins - Kenya, Costa Rica, Sumatra... The list is long, the beans are varied and their adventure is far from over.

After arrival at Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure, they become a member of our strictly managed inventory. Upon demand, each coffee is roasted in-house in our classic, bright red, 7 kilo Diedrich coffee roaster. The roasting process, an attentive balance of scientific detail and artisanal craft, is carefully monitored to achieve exceptional cup quality. Roasted in small batches to ensure optimum freshness, these coffees anxiously await the next phase of their excursion.

We invite you to join the adventure by exploring a new or exotic selection from our diverse collection of coffees. Whether a single varietal or a blend of complementary flavors and aromas, Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure has a coffee for every palette. Regardless, we are committed to shipping these international beans the day they are roasted. Whichever beans are fortunate enough to find their way to your home, their arduous journey is near its end. Final destination: your cup.

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