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Host Your Own Experience

Venture into new territory with Zanzibar's business services. Customized to your needs, we can cater your event, book a private party at Zanzibar's, or even allow you to sell our products through your business. Our portable espresso bar and thermal pots allow us to set up shop almost anywhere. Contact us to set up your own adventure.

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Zanzibar's provides full-scale catering services, setting up shop at your event location and serving only the best drinks and snacks. From festivals and parties to business gatherings, we are certain to add the right impact to any occasion.

Wholesale Program
If you would like to sell or serve Zanzibar's products at your business or event, we would be happy to consult with you to develop a relationship. We offer a flexible system for fulfilling orders and working to make this addition to your business as smooth as possible. From our wide selection of coffee beans to our diverse menu of specialty drinks and foods, we can use a wholesale approach to make this a profitable venture for your business. Call (515-244-7694) or email us to get started.

Gift Certificates
If you like Zanzibar's, then chances are so will your friends and family. It makes a great gift for any occasion. How much you want to give is completely up to you. Call (515-244-7694) or email us us to get started. Or better yet, simply stop in any time.