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On your worldly or local adventures, you should always take something home for yourself, and be sure to remember others as well. Zanzibar’s offers a long list of valuable souvenirs for you and those you care about.

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If you like Zanzibar’s, then chances are so will your friends and family. It makes a great gift for any occasion. How much you want to give is completely up to you. Stop by or click "Contact Us" on the left.

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Zanzibar’s Frequent Flyer Program is perfect for anyone that makes Zanzibar’s a regular stop on their adventures. Simply choose a drink (from straight coffee to more exotic beverages) and purchase your Frequent Flyer Card. You pay for 9 and get 10, using it up over time. It saves the hassle and it saves some money.

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We offer over 30 varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans from all over the world. Buy some for yourself or share the experience. Click here for more information about our coffee beans.Image of coffee bean bag

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All world tour packages contain freshly roasted coffee beans, either ground or whole, a coffee scoop, and candies, tastefully gift-wrapped for your convenience.

Adventurer — Includes four coffees from around the world, representing each of the following major growing regions (some exceptions): Central/South America, Africa and Indonesia. Blends, Decaf and flavored coffees upon request.

Rare and Exotic Explorer — Includes four coffees from the world's most unique coffee-growing regions.

Explorer — Includes two coffees from around the world (some exceptions).

Rare and Exotic Adventurer — Includes two coffees from some of the world's most unique coffee-growing regions.

Tea Traveler — Includes 8 selections: 2 black teas, 2 green teas, 2 exotic teas, and 2 herbal infusions.

Tea Tourist — Includes 4 selections: 1 each of a black, a green, and exotic tea, and 1 herbal infusion.

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From mugs and thermoses to coffee makers and t-shirts, Zanzibar’s offers all the little extras to make life easier. Stop by to purchase our merchandise.